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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The reluctant orange and the effects of hardcore on blades

No, I have not left for work, where thrilling accounting and reporting awaits. Instead, following my phone conversation with T, I tried to squeeze an orange without the blades on. It was not working too well and all I could think was why is it so reluctant? Luckily the juice, yes there was some juice, did not get into the electric part of the squeezer. Next, after mounting the blades, I invented a method to squeeze sour cherries, or mere cherries for that matter, without the prior removing of their core. No doubt, should I persevere in these practices, I will need a new squeezer shortly.


R! said...

Speaking of fiduciary things, if you leave your cherry investment untouched then you may yet yield some visinata as a return.

Lorena said...

:)). maybe it was a shy orange.

monsoux said...

hahaha, both of you!

R, where have you been? Look who's talking about visinata. Vrabia malai viseaza.

Lorena, have you read "Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit"?