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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

905 - My Sziget

Like the ancient philosopher, I believe we ourselves are not the same, in time, even if the same person. Furthermore, even if we go to the same place, it's a different place, depending on who sees it. Differences keep up with the fluidity of time and perception. but anyways, since so many have asked, and I have given so little, I am going to give you brief accounts of my Sziget. I guess it's going to be a series. So check out the new labels: Sziget pic and my Sziget.

In the meanwhile, back at the ranch, my Sziget was getting six paper daily wristbands, sleeping in a tent, sleeping too little by my standards, sleeping with head an idea lower than the rest of my body and legs, sleeping to the sound of loud drunken French campers, swearing in French at French campers, drinking beer as early as 10 am, occasionally smoking (yeap, that! what did you think?), queuing for the morning numbers (number one and number two), queuing for brushing my teeth, queuing for coffee, queuing for shower, showering every other day, drinking beer as a past time while queuing at the shower, mud and dust, the feeling of Costinesti crowds of the 90s without the manele sound, occasional need for silence (that's a tip for the organizers next year, a silence tent, I bet it will be very successful, the closest thing to it this year was the ambient tent), Magic Mirror, wrestling with little digital cameras I had borrowed only to get some shitty pictures, and the concerts. Oh, the feeling "There is a God", when I arrived in my Budapest hotel after the one week plus, showered and slept in a proper bed for four hours mid day on the sound of BBC news, before going out to have dinner with friends in a proper restaurant where service was even greater than the coolness of the sexy waiters (yeah, I've got an obsession with that!).

LATER edit: with the help of Gramo, I have managed to identify the correct philosopher. Thank you, guys. Also, the two links, and


Mazilique said...

dear, the camera took beautiful pictures in the four years of our relationship. mrrrr

monsoux said...

but dearest, I am actually talking about the pictures it didn't take :P

runbaby said...

genial :)! loved the one with the numbers...:)). francezii de la sziget - muerte :))!!! cortul enjoy the silence & you have to be at least 25 to be permitted entrance - cotizez cu bani la aceasta idee pentru la anu' (cand nu mai merg, of course...:)

monsoux said...

runbaby, mai mergi, desigur! si stam la hotel :P

Oh! forgot about the solid xerox-faced In-Kal bodyguards, so eager to grab the crowd surfers.

Gramo said...

Well, we are glad we could be of some help! :)

monsoux said...

no, I am glad I could ask, and the answer is greatly appreciated :)