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Friday, August 24, 2007

About surprizes and pastime

I was surprised to find out that my Italian sewed underwear I was wearing like for the second time has totally given up on me, leaving my butt in the clear. Luckily, my masseuse is not only a professional with a sense of humor, but also one who thinks highly of me. Or at least she has until now.

I was surprised to find the guy is not just a pretty boy. Or rather that he has become more than just the pretty boy. Anyways, I really enjoyed it, and it's easy to recommend it further. I am trying to find the quotes for the dialog scene in the kitchen. One other cinematic moment is aged wifey Sharon Stone combing drunk Demi Moore. Just check the cast.


Mazilique said...

yes, he has become ugly :D

monsoux said...

ugly has its (his?) charms, especially this ugly.