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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Airport born

Happily reporting from Otopeni, on my way to the island of music. It's been quite a hectic endeavor so far. managed to do pretty much everything on my to do list, the rest will be fixed by a couple of calls later. I don't have Vava's cam, I have Mazi's. I don't have batteries, so we'll see about the pictures. Last time the camera played tricks on me because of the batteries.

So, I woke up, not feeling rested nor 100% up to it, missing a piece of luggage, now I have a monster one. It contains my tent, mattress and sleeping bag, among other personal items under the same "roof". So I started to score and check one thing after the other on my list, and one moment I was thinking I cannot possibly make it, the other, oh yeah sure I will. I included here the daily internet procrastination, no coffee mug this time.

The house was left devastated... not a nice place to return as such, but I will have to do something about that as I am due another interview on Sunday. At home this time, the other was in the office.

A last word of warning, never say never. Just when I was releasing a sigh "Finally I am on my way to the airport, and I should make it in time", somebody's car had a minor explosion. For a couple of seconds I saw myself running to railway station... Again, not really up to it.

Low cost is low cost, a check-in was a min-nightmare, but I am really on my way to the departure gate, so what can stop me now? I don't remember where my anti-fever pills are, so maybe a sneaky virus. Hope not.

Finally, within the entire madness, T has sent the sweetest sms "Drive carefully". Well, I didn't have to. I miss you, and maybe my flight too if I linger long enough.



Prada_Devil said...

Who is T ?.. :-? X(

monsoux said...

Long story, not merely enough time :) Maybe I'll write a fully fledged post about it.