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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Sziget, the French story

OK, I bet you thought I forgot all about this Sziget thing I had promised.

Today's story is about the French connection. Yes, the French have been the most irritating island nation. With the notable exceptions, mostly visible on stage. I am talking about the theater stage and the dance stage. I have already mentioned the brilliant performances by Transe Express/Les rois faignants and Accrorap/Les corps etrangers. Today I am going to focus on Emilie Simon, and her Vegetal concert. Hardly any greenery on stage, but it was so refreshing nevertheless. I mean check her videos on youtube, in particular this one, brought to my attention by T sometime ago.

Emilie is this "little girl with a big personality". She kept the audience on the hill for her one hour and a half, plus two real encores, very rare for the festival, where everything has to fit the time table. Not only that the people weren't going anywhere in spite of the drizzle, but I could hear numerous love declarations and marriage proposals being shouted from the fan cohorts in between the songs. To which Emilie shyly replied only "I love you too", thus provoking emotional havoc.

She was joined on stage by Mr Magic Man and Mr Give Me Anything I'll Give You Rhythm (yes, even water!). Their real names are Markus Dravst and Simon Edwards , but much to my annoyance, I have no clue as to who is who. Help needed and appreciated.


eclecticCow said...

my favourite concert @ sziget.

monsoux said...

I'd expect nothing less from such an eclectic personality. Probably mine too. Now I am talking about the concert, the personality I was done with in the first sentence :)