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T0p D0g Reloaded

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fall reloaded

Seasons change. How do you know? Is it the trends changing? No, actually the trends remain the same. The drivers tend to show more often they have been licensed through some obscure and intermittent process of teaching-learning-awarding, they clog your way, and are totally oblivious to making the right sign and generally display a crass indifference to any other traffic colleague than themselves. Thus the old road to work can take up to 45 minutes and you are reminded you can swear continuously without repeating yourself for longer than five minutes. Hot shot drivers in hot shot cars either cutting their way or just plain abandoning locomotion in the most traffic sensitive places.

In a pretty similar manner, the boss is back, fully loaded with this wondrous energy that just won't let her play enough with the comma variations. To infinity and beyond. By the time she's reached a final conclusion, you are left to staple three times two hundred sets of documents that need hand sorting before, during and after.

It's two in the morning. You need to be fresh and witty at eight. See you in the conference hall. Tdaa-tdaa!


runbaby said...

stapling is good exercises for your hands...

monsoux said...

maybe for my right hand. That is until I become ambidextrous.