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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Internet love (and hate)

I am definitely addicted to love. Being the attention whore that I am, Internet provides me with a fair share of love and affection. Yeap, Internet is thus an addiction in itself. Getting the fix, only makes me scream for more. So, what has lovingly happened over the web to generate the rambling above? Somebody has bought two dot coms for me. The bitch on duty has decided I am a solar kid, and the bleak template you are currently following is not me. Unfortunately, health issues have kept the terrorist on duty and his said mother confined to a bed in the infectious disease hospital. I'd like to take this opportunity to convey my get well wishes. The template is awaiting, bitch :) Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have received the ultimate compliment "extra-witty dude; check out his blogroll too; note to self: unrecommended, if already 1 am, we need to wake up in the morning and the coffee is not strong enough" and the cutest name in Faking life: Monosoux. To set the record straight (ooops, sorry kids, could not find any gay phrase!) I am also Dualsoux, and occasionally Multisoux. What can I say, it comes naturally when you are a Gemini.

To stick with the loving, I am honoured to star in this post and Gramos' fantasies, I suspect in an intellectual kinda way. Guys, I have not forgotten my promise, just not doing well on time.

For the love'n'hate part, my beloved bloguette complains here I am not picking up my phone, but I did. Also an email exchange with Andressa about gay blogroll love not returned. Well, Simon's final say on this matter is "When I don't ask for love it doesn't mean I don't need it, it means I want it without having to ask for it". I know, Simon doesn't seem to be much of a problem solver. I guess I'll just have that program management talk with him, the one I have been postponing, read avoiding.


b0gdan said...


My bad, my bad.....

To correct or not to correct? This is the question.

And u have the answer.

monsoux said...

Neah, I kinda like it :)