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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rummaging through old pics

A very much me picture... (wanted to write about the latest pics with E50, but I have to rant about hot water. Again. In a civilized country they let you know when they cut off running water for whatever reason. It seems like in my block of flats they have taken the bad habit of just doing it. You learn as you go, when you turn on the tap, and instead of running water you get hissing air. A new trial and error?!)

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anume_eu said...

may i just be allowed to say that you there mister-dude are quite lucky, there are some futuristic towns in the near-by Bucharest where they take your hot water and keep it and keep it for two weeks until you get crazy, mad, and ultimately start to smell fishy, from all the cold red water they offer you instead. hissing air? you're complaining about hissing air?