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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This post contains the graphic word dick and vicious ideas

As it goes I was hosted for the night in the house of a co-worker. You know him, the one you always need but you cannot depend on. He was living in a large apartment, in a French apartment, the one with intricate railings and sunny windows. His pet was a handicapped venomous snake. Maybe venomous is as (in)appropriate as half. It was a dark green knob of a snake with a red thick kissing tongue. Yeah, it looked like the new character on Looney Tunes. Its problem was it could not accommodate to the new habitat his master provided because... it was sliding on gold. Now picture that for a snake pet problem! Accordingly guests were advised to be careful and compassionate for the poor venomous thing roaming loose in the apartment.

The dream ends with me in getting in bed, to sleep, with another real life character, you know, the one that acts like a closeted gay, but has no problem to openly denying it. And that all because on the way back from the bathroom I was afraid of the sliding on gold pet. To get in bed I was asked to show my dick, which I did. To which my said benefactor and occasional bed host laughed at the size or lack of thereof. I turned to the other side smilingly and went to sleep in my dream, which is to say I woke up to this cold morning.

So what do you make of the above? All Freud lovers and occasional shrinks on duty are invited to make a two cent deposit here.


Etwa said...

sometimes a snake is only a snake.. Freud would say that.. but in this case it looks like the choice is to be made between a big venomous closeted dick and a normal sized openly gay one.. are you having financial problems and tell yourself that, at least, you are content with your life?

Laura said...

Yeah... about that... so, I think you have a personality problem wich is called, in non-medical terms, "fear of snakes-sliding-on-gold".
And about the whole dream, I think you actually don't like your colleague, but for some reasons you owe hime something or just one.

Luis Blasini said...

I have a xenophobia for both large snakes and large penises.