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Monday, November 12, 2007

Mr. Volcano has woken up

Yeap, I have a voice again, but symptomatology is playing other tricks of choice on me. Not my choice, of course. Those with easy to upset stomach move to the next paragraph now. So, I woke up at ten, coughing my gross coughing for half an hour and wondering which is worse, not being able to talk or feeling like a mucus factory?

Rawsheek'uh, the phonetic translation of my car's name, because "Little red one" just wouldn't do, is taking a break while we all are waiting for her new plates. Don't hold your breath! The old ones have landed in Timisoara, as my sweet mum confirms. By the way, when the train stops at the platform can you still use "land"? Basically, I relying on city transportation for a while, starting late last night. And I am discovering the new old wonders of the subway. Note to self, have to make friends with my iPod again. I have not been undergroundborn in ages and since then Metrorex has apparently approved a new set of signs. I might be the last to notice, I know. But being the bitching bastard I am, I have to confess they just don't do. I mean, these are signs you have to get at a glance, because you are in a hurry and you don't know your way. I may be dum witted or plainly slow, but I needed a couple of minutes to get them, and I know my way to start with. Plus they are too small. Plus I did not notice them at first. Also, knowing the investment policy of the said company, I expect these are to remain in place for either a very short time or a very very long one. In the first case, we are talking the usual money laundering, while in the second it would just be an example of the regular bad management and discontent for customer satisfaction. But the trains are running, aren't they?

And since financially and apparently I am back to my deluxe hobo days, cash count 14 ron, I will have to contaminate my work colleagues. Brace yourselves!

Next on our programme, everybody is a critic, this top dog to fire at our capital's coffee shops.

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