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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thought I'd share my "discovery" list

Let's start with Mark Ronson, in particular feat. Nikka Costa on the track that gives the name of the album: Here comes the fuzz. Yeah, I was actually looking for the more commercial Stop me. Also for the new album of Annie Lennox.

The movie revelations this past week, for me, Stranger than fiction and Motorcycle Diaries. Also the French Film Festival openning last night with Persepolys, a must see, mainly in black and white. Revolutionary. Really.

See no books on the list? Maybe because I have stopped reading until further notice.


Luis Blasini said...

May I suggest a book? 'Last Exit to Brooklyn'. Herbert Shelby. Brilliant.

AB said...

Şi eu am văzut Motorcycle Diaries ;o)
Cu cine ai votat?

AB said...

Cu tine am votat unfriendly :))))