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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Fuck mobile volume

Ve: "...blabla"
me: "By the way, is T there?"
Ve: "Yes"
me: "Does he know that I am talking to you?"
Ve: "Yes"
me: "Then give him my regards"
Ve: "OK"
T, in the background: unintelligible
Ve: "He returns them"
Fuck, it means he's heard all I have said. And how I have said it. Gonna feel a bit sick now. Life tells there is no use in me hiding. I am so looking forward to the next two years to be over.


laura said...

woops!stuf happens

Spilled Drambuie said...


Against said...

macar acum stie ce gindesti si nu mai trebuie sa te ascunzi :D partea buna e ca de acum poti dormi linistit si n-o sa mai doarma el. E intotdeauna de preferat asta, nu?

bubu said...

nu stiu ce sa inteleg ca de obicei. e un fel de gelozie sau ceva? hmmmm. vrei sa te programez la o intilnire? ca din ce scrii eu in continuare nu inteleg nimic. hai ca te pup, si nu fii fatzarnic, ca sintetzi 2 curvishtine:P

monsoux said...

bubu, dearest, no jealousy, just unfinished business, unchecked luggage, the rest. I knew I can count on you ;)

Pinocchi0 said...

...and a bit nostalgic, hum? :-)

monsoux said...

a bit?! I can deal with a bit!... I'm afraid the quantity is fluctuating heavily.

Pinocchi0 said...

poor chap ;-)