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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Me and rent boys

In Turkey, apparently, I am good for rent boys. That's got me thinking. It's not necessarily happy thoughts about my (coming of) age. So I have mood-switched to "I must look affluent enough to afford a rent boy". Hence, my reply to [Chicken], that's what he said his name was, "I am just another poor boy".


Luis Blasini said...

Rent boys? What's that? ;P

monsoux said...

Like hotel rooms, things/persons you can rent by the hour or by the day. Was it Wilde who said "you pay them to leave"?

Luis Blasini said...

Surely, I jest - I wrote a leaflet on Rentboys: ettiquitte, denomination amounts, strict side rules - how much for a Romanian? Dollars? Pesos? Sheckles?

monsoux said...

surely, you do - it's your former blog where I have first learnt the notion. He was Turkish, so liras I guess, or dollars, but I have not asked how much. I am still at that stage where I believe I won't pay for sex.