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Monday, December 17, 2007

Spilt milk never comes back

Children, let's share this weekend's learnt lessons.

When he asks for the bill without asking you if you want anything more, the meeting is over. You have been dismissed. When you have done that several times already yourself, it's about time it should happen to you too. So be nice, life has a way of slapping you in the face when you least expect it.

Never change reservations because someone asks you to. Or whatever your plans for that matter. Do everything by your own measure. Trust your intuition, even if, like me, you are convinced you don't have one. When you are later complaining about the above, you will have to admit to your secret wishful thinking. Wishful thinking is bad.

There are several Belgian beers over 8.5. Every time I had beer it was my goal to try a new kind. I was in Belgium, it was totally possible. After one day and night of almost continuous drinking, yeap, my friends were amazed with my drinking skills! the hangover was fierce.

I can hardly conceive a most dreadful situation than hangover on a plane. Oh, there was the waking up at seven after a one hour sleep, and seeing one's ex boyfriend while not emotionally ready for it. But it was still me in all those situations, too. So let's stick with the hangover situation, at least I knew my way out of this one. And that would be: Ursus especially bottled for Tarom. Tasted like orange fresh juice, following as I said the Belgium varieties, but it did the trick. The current update is: after a fourteen hour sleep I look almost human.

WARNING, sex life confessions ahead. As it turns out, no matter how vengeful, hot, horny, or all of the above, I am not the darkroom type. Yves is one of Brussels' handsome hungs partying in Antwerp. Not the only one with a crush on me, yeap I am still valid on the market, but the only cause for my lips still hurting. In that pleasant reassuring way. We didn't use a condom, but that is also OK because we have not screwed either. Although we both wanted. Reminds me of that student joke.

And now back to life. There is snow in Bucharest.


Mazilique said...

drinking skills? rotfl

Musculin said...

Yves who?

Tell us more about Yves, red and blue and all the colors of the rainbow...

monsoux said...

I love you too. And give me back my bag already. Care to visit me tonight?

monsoux said...

@musculin, Yves "Do-you-know-they-have-a-dark room-here?", Yves "We need a bed"-every-time-he-answers-my-phone-call. That Yves. Honey, and of course I do know his real life name, surname and all, but a real lady doesn't just post names all over the internet just like that. And you already knew most of my endeavours from my texting you, remember :)? Meeting you and that amazing Romanian speaking Belgian boyfriend of yours was one of the highs of my trip. You make an adorable couple.

Musculin said...

Who cares about his name?!

Adam or Yves - same thing!

There were other things I would have liked to know about your endeavours in Belgium's raunchiest harbour and especially in a certain locale of ill repute.

monsoux said...

:) honestly, I thought I did share. What are those "other things"?

Mazilique said...

from now until friday night i'm fully booked. and no, it's not a good thing :((

i'm also sporting bad bad mood :-/

monsoux said...

I am not afraid of your bad mood and I do receive visits later in the night than most.