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Monday, October 25, 2004

A note on the run

We pay to make our days nicer. So I paid today: the car is nice again, the sun was smiling brightly in the sky, even the boys were nicer, walking in the streets, some cocky, some sweet. The people were nice, although not always competent, but they were trying. So, now that my Reddie is well again, I promised to give her a full treat, face lift and all. The only problem is I have to hit the road to Sinaia for a presentation tomorrow, hence I don't really have the time. Maybe I'll even abandon her, once more, by the road in front of my building, to run with the big 4X4. The insurance for that car would be indeed staggering at a rate of EURO 1,000 per year. Anyway, tomorrow will be blog-quiet unless I return before midnight. To all my patient readers I bid farewell now.

1 comment:

G said...

still in Sinaia? it's now 4:15 pm here which, by my calculations, means it's 11:15 pm there