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Monday, October 25, 2004

Sunday adventure

Not a sun set proper

but it was quite a show of light

in Targoviste.

I bribed the gas station boy again to let me keep the car there and he offered to patch a black plastic foil on my missing window. Then I went with T&N to Targoviste, where the pretext was to bless their Jag. All was nice and dandy, we were all wet with wholly water by the time it was over and done with but nevertheless worth it. I took two memory sticks of pictures and we returned. Then T&N gave me their 4X4 fully automatic, which was a thrill. My first attempt ever and I had to drive totally on my own. Now I am thinking to abandon my car and trade it in for this one. A traitor, I am. Anyway tomorrow is a long day and I will have to get the police and insurance forms and put my car in service. Then hopefully it won't be too late for work. In the evening I will head for Sinaia. Tough day. I am so sleepy. Nighty night (I promise to post a lion soon). Posted by Hello

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