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Monday, November 01, 2004

Closing my chapter on this Sunday

And I have exercised patience again and some people screening, the later being my favorite social game. But let me tell you, going to two malls during the weekend is way too much. Especially since I don't have a dime to spend. Window shopping sucks. Also the disappointment was double. Now, Plaza Romania is kinda' open, people are pouring there from all directions. Personally I don't see a difference. I could not notice the specific difference. Just the access road is in high need of maintenance. The whole shack looks like they were under a deadline. Of course they were, but we don't need to see that. Now, the old mall, on the other side, the competition, was also as packed as ever. I have no idea why people need to be at a mall. When I don't have where to go I simply stay at home. Oh, I just remembered, make that two malls and a hypermarket. Posted by Hello

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Etwa said...

two malls and a hypermarket in one day? it looks to me like you're into closing the windows of a whole apartment building again..