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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh! No title, he realized, but it was too late, really late

Where do I start? Have you seen me on TV?

I have been busy collecting feedback on that - where are all the thoughts, and speculations, and words that filled my head just a moment ago? I was going to make an intro starting on yesterday's bench in the park. Have you ever noted how the light is different under a floweraged tree? But under a hundred? I had no contact with all these people roaming the alleys, totally isolated, ear pieces on, music almost screaming because the spring was screaming. Feeling good. Not much reason either, but so is spring, unreasonable. See the crazy old bitch strolling furiously, her little dog at a leash's length? You know the kind, it's the one Hollywood movies feature as an aliens' host on Earth. Then the auntie who likes to discipline the one and a half year old poshly dressed kid for wanting to leap over the little fence and play in the dirt, like the other kids. Also the mother-grandmother-one-cannot-tell with the shy toddler hiding her face behind her tiny hands, and looking from behind, then unexpectedly racing her way to the other end of the park. All these people who didn't know about my worries, debts and growing to do list. They were out in the sun, I was condemned. Momentary damnation of bureaucracy, the return to my desk.

Had I written this the other day, when I was filled with positive energies, there would've been other words. But I didn't. I was busy analyzing.

In brief, I have been here, actually here, to present this. I was seated next to her, and she is as sweet and true as it gets. Everybody likes her. On the other hand, although we were seated a few chairs away, she is also very nice (I know, Mitzi already said it, I sound so hetero!). She has invited me to her premiere on Friday. And thanks to everybody who's been watching. Messages have been pouring in, and I really felt the support and appreciated what you had to say. I hope it was worth it, otherwise most of the time I find it difficult to explain accurately what I have to put up with at work. Posted by Picasa

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Hermes said...

Had I written this the other day, when I was filled with positive energies, there would've been other words

I'm glad you wrote it when you wrote it. A nice beat... i was snapping my fingers while I read...