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Friday, April 07, 2006

Part two (returns)

"You looked like a punk, but you were saying the right things, it was such a contrast." My boyfriend. Should I dump him?! I love him, when he doesn't get on my nerves.

"Were you wearing make-up? You looked 25." My girlfriend. Girlfriend, I was also talking in my squeaky voice. Have I fooled anyone?

"You showed class to all so called intellectuals on the set". My cousin. There was no competition. And I love you too.

"Oh, and you were using pause for more effect". Pinocchio. Absolutely! I talk a lot for a man of a few words.

"Before this movie I had a deformed perception on what was happening. I could not imagine something like this really goes on". A friend from a previous work place. No comment.


Luis Blasini said...

As for your boyfriend...if there is still love there, of coarse you should stay together...anything can be worked out. And I have one question, you a tranny? That's cool if so...

monsoux said...

Hehe, I am not a tranny, but I can be a bitch.