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Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy birthday to me!

I have turned 32 and I was driving. Monica jumped next to me in her seat saying wow and yayee. We have almost car crashed. At the same instant an sms from somebody else who wanted to be the first.

So I have arrived, and, the curse of parking caught up with me. No parking spots nowhere near my block. About 15 minutes later, around the block, yeah, the American block this time round! I was returning to the car to retrieve the home keys from the glove compartment. It pays to be well dressed at such late hours. You cannot afford to enter an argument with the BGS guy. Nor to offer a light to dumpster guy, because you don't smoke, not because he's from a different social stratum. All of which actually happened to me after midnight.

One can only imagine my good spirits finally arriving home. On top of that I was also hungry. So here! I am celebrating my birthday with corn flakes, flavour and fiber! and peach jam that smells like camembert and dietetic beer. No, it's not Maisel's Weisser, but from the same family, Edelhopfen. Still unpronounceable. T forgot to buy more bread once he finished the existing one, as he also forgot to let me know he finished the existing one.

The day has been thoroughly rewarding. I hope you can read the sarcasm through it all. I have been to a meeting where my interlocutor was not at all interested to hear about my expertise (I did not request this meeting!). I ate standing in public, all dressed up, which I hate. I formatted tables, to learn that task is not needed anymore. My pictures have been deemed unsuitable.When I have allegedly missed to send a table, it was actually revealed that the table was there, but nevertheless I was dismissed with "yes, but it is still incomplete". Of course it is incomplete! you have been tampering with the text in the meanwhile. And it culminated when I had to re-write a 100 words paragraph. My boss's been known for being able to take her time for three hours and more to give the finishing polish and choose the exact words. Sometimes even, the exact words can be the exact same words. That, of course, comes after multiple changes ;;)

So I have decided to take on Vava's suggestion for an easy office life. The office supply list must include 20 condoms per person and about the same number of anti-blow job pills. This way, no more fuck-ups and no more being screwed. I was considering a professional stapler machine.

On the bright side, I hope we shall reach 10,000 hits on my counter. It has not been around from day one, but nevertheless I would be a nice birthday present.

On second though, I'll be turning 32 at 7 am. Posted by Picasa


Musculin said...

Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Well, not exactly of the day you described in your post, but of more cheerful birthdays...

From what I see now, you only need 17 hits to reach the 10,000 mark on your counter. OK, I'll visit your blog 17 more times today, just to make sure you get the present you want.

Have a great week-end! Celebrate your birthday in style! 32 is the best age you'll ever have :)

monsoux said...

Ok, I see 10,003! One is me, the rest might be you :D Actually I'll check my stats just to see if you uploaded repeatedly. Thanks anyway. Age is just a number I don't really worry about.

Lulu said...

La Multi Ani ! Sa cresti mare si sa fii implinit pe toate planurile ! (urarile de genul asta ajung mai degraba la inima pe romaneste, parca)

monsoux said...


stingo said...

La multi ani, robotel. Sa fii fericit!

monsoux said...

I'll be Daft Punk happy ;) Promise!

G said...

Mazel tov! Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true...a friend from far away

Romerican said...

Musculin may be right; last year was fantastic!

So, I'm not your neighbor or anything... and I'm late on the scene... but I still hope you had a great birthday (T's bread oversight notwithstanding) and wish you a great upcoming year.

monsoux said...

Thks ;)
Birthdays are good for you, the more you have, the longer you live.

Rainforest said...

Apar si eu cand petrecerea a luat sfarsit dar na, mai bine acum decat niciodata. La multi ani!!!

monsoux said...

De fapt, petrecerea n-a fost inca :)