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Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's just a perfect day

...drink sangria in the park... Again about coffee. I stood there next to the coffee maker for a good couple of moments wondering why it doesn't spit the water. I knew that would happen, the machine was unplugged. The disadvantages of plugging one's laptop in the kitchen the previous day!

Yesterday Maisel's Weisse came to Romania. That was the fun part of the day. The unpronounceable brand is a beer. Apart from that, the day was crappy at work, crippy at home. Had a little conversation with T at midnight. He seems to think were over?

My birthday is approaching. I wonder who, apart from the obvious ones, will remember.

I am depressed and discouraged. Posted by Picasa


Pichi said...

The obvious one's your mom, you whining dog! And btw, tomorrow we're celebrating St. Columban the Elder, Apostle of the Scots.

monsoux said...

Thanks for the coffee macker, Pichi.

Lulu said...

Depressed ? Want to take part to my clinical trial ? :-)

Musculin said...

Maybe taking part in the GRID Project will cheer you up?

So, you're a Gemini - dual nature. Maybe bisexual? :)

Hope your boyfriend (T?) will come to his senses. He just needs more attention from you - hm, that doesn't look too good for the GRID project. But hey, your personal life should always come first.

Good luck!

Pichichi said...

don’t know about coffee mackerels but those Ikea lamps were ripped off right from my bosom (unlike jackets which are usually given for charity)

I dig what u’re doing here anyhows u’re trying to avoid throwing a party

that won’t work, mind you

monsoux said...

Lulu, clinical trial sounds intriguing. What if taking part actually draws me out of the depression ;;) What then?

Musculin, me bisexual? Not since six or so years ago. What is GRID, anyway? Shoold I google it?

Pichichi, do I see an extra chi there? Or should I say therere? Right now I am at my desk at work and I REALLY SEE NO REASON to party.