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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mapping my thoughts in reverse

(This post contains words some might find objectionable)

Mom called and wake me up. Dizzy and not fully recovered from my all night Cinderella dancing night, I was to learn she plans to send Fornetti's with my sister-in-law. From Timisoara to Bucharest, because "I hate the idea of not sending you anything". But, Mom, there is no point in sending me Fornetti. I am not a particular fan of them, I can find them in Bucharest at practically any street corner. For my international readers this the equivalent of your mother sending you Burger King or Mac. I love my Mom.

I lie in bed naked but wrapped in sheets and I imagine I am sexy and irresistible. As I develop the fantasy and caress the neck of my boyfriend I fall asleep. I wake up, there is coffee. I write this.

Five a.m. The road is done. They started the works during the day, technically yesterday and they were still working when I left to the club. I am impressed.

I am hot and sweaty and I am dancing pretty much by myself. I imagine I am sexy, and I can keep the rhythm pretty well. The compliments I get are "I like your sleeveless t-shirt", it reads AYOR, and "Finally, a good dancer. You hear the music and imagine it plays for you". This one is a girl. I have known her for ages, but I did not recognize her because of her new army like haircut and because of my social myopia. I dance so much better when I know people like me. She is probably the nicest person in the club. Later on my body throbs on the last tunes, for me, of the night, Madonna, and this guy comes and pastes himself against me moving slow, slower that I would on that tune. "Hi, I am (insert first name here)". He tries to grope me, I move away, He tries to move his hands under my t-shirt. Surprised with this kind of success I am not used to, I say "NO!" and dance my dance away. He smiles, I say "How are you", he goes "Fine, I am drunk". I say "Next time say hi before you gather momentum". He drifts away. Nobody ever comes to me in the club, unless I am with friends, and then nothing. And when I am on my own, people must find me unapproachable, cold, distant, self-conceited. Must be the blue eyes blond hair thing. I, on the other hand, I think I am very friendly.

French pastry shop, because the Da Vinci coffee shop is closed. How do these people think business on Saturday night? The Da Vinci ones, not the pastry! They were very nice, hence the generous tip. Talking shows and gay with R. Our forth conversation for the day. First conversation on the phone 35 minutes, second one still on the phone 18 minutes, first conversation before Joaquin Cortes show, and now this three hours. That is a lot of conversation. I think it is her main hobby. She says movies on DVD at home. We debated Brokeback Mountain, I recommended Transamerica.

Joaquin Cortes IS sexy, but not my type, if I ever had one. Might be less tall than hysteric women at his show imagine, but nevertheless an accomplished dancer, the house gave him standing ovations countless times. I found the opening act a bit pathetic, only to find later from my famous actress friend he stars in a telenovela. And then all was clear to me: the telenovela got to his head.

Depeche Mode. National Stadium. Dirty seats covered in sun-flower seed peals, worth 30 euro each. Now, little side note, the sun flower seed is the favourite junk food of Romanian football fans. I imagine Steaua fans are no different. Back to Depeche. I liked Home, when the stadium became a sea of light: lighter, cell phones and my laser. No less, I feel you and Personal Jesus, which Stingo immediately sent to me. Reach out and touch faith! Disliked the body warmth of the crowd and the bis. Next stop, Fat Boy Slim.

Previously my day in the office was 100% crap. It all culminated when TN demanded apologies for me being five minutes late. I felt like shit. And I apologized.

The editorial in Tabu this month reminded me of the joke with the ghosts and grave digger "We laugh, we joke, but we don't leave the premises". Catinca Roman says about GayFest 2006, approximate quote, "It was the organizers fault to push for gay marriage, but they shouldn't have messed with this institution. The gays in this country are more or less experimenting, and the gay couple are very unstable". Hello! Ever wonder why? So much for the gayfriendlyness of Tabu.

Finally, to give you an idea about my complex personality and doings, let me inform you I have finally cleaned the floors and washed the toilet. Yeap, seat included!

LATER edit: Vodafone sucked for being the main sponsor at the DM concernt, but lacking the coverage on site. And flamenco boots must be about the ugliest boots, and that s the opinion of a shoe addidct. Posted by Picasa


stingo said...

So, like, what are the supposed objectionable words? Fornetti and such? :)

bubu said...

oh, the perfect victim u r. I would kick your ass to wake you up to reality.
first - you dancing is like figthing, or catching flies
second - your friends love you. dearly
and third - blue eyes and blond hair? what hair?

cu alte cuvinte esti f inchipuit. vino la mine la o shedintza gratuita de psihoterapie.

monsoux said...

stingo, shit and crap qualify, last I checked :)

bubu dearest, first, my dancing is my body language, second, I never argued that, third, body hair, of course! nu te califici pentru sedinte de psihoterapie, iar polita mea de asigurare nu acopera sedinte gratuite ;;)

soldatelul said...

i haven't seen u @ DM. Maybe i will see u on august 5th @ FatBoySlim

monsoux said...

been there, cross my heart

zuza said...

a really nice post ;) I especially loved the thingy about your mom sending you Fornetti, she sounds so sweet, you being a grown-up and all..
plus you being so self confident about your oh-so-huge sexyness when dancing.. very cool :)

monsoux said...

zuza, thanks for the visit, you're welcome to return

zuza said...

well I actually returned today :) the next day after yesterday.. so you must be doing something right with your blog..
but anyway, I hope I didn't piss you off back then after the parade, bye-gones ;)
have a nice weekend

monsoux said...

I have a short sighted memory, I do not keep up with grumpyness, and I have no idea what you are talking about. A lot has happened after the parade. Bygone indeed.