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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Access denial, eclectic Saturday

What is the difference between denial and negation? Irrespective of your answers, they say access denied.

I need to clip my nails.

Bucharest under water. Got fishing boots? Yeah, yesterday morning it was heavy rain time again for a couple of hours. I was not inspired enough to take pictures of Tineretului Venetia like, being too worried of where and how to turn the car. The news for some other parts of the country is very similar.

Been thinking about drivers. A nation of hysteric drivers, their primary tools the acceleration and the horn, not necessarily in that order. Their favourite sport is jamming the intersection while professing words too heavy for the Internet to stand.

Tabu party this passed Friday, at Casa Alba. At first, I did not recognize him face to face, but then I could not help noticing how he is turning into a man. Less of the enfant terrible, more of the desirable bachelor.

I really need to clip my nails. And this is turning into the post I don't want.

We were invaded by wine last night, when my living room became a studio. And wine tasting room. 40 bottles and two straight half naked men, it was the dream of some gay. Not mine, but I did have a great time nevertheless, while it lasted. And some great wine. Let me recommend 1986, Pietroasa Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Statiunea Pietroasele de cercetari viti-vinicole, vin de colectie. Friends expected to sign up for more wine tasting later this week.

This following fragment is part of a conversation I had during the wine tasting with a boy. He was having beer at the other end.
boyinbed: how many?
monsoux: ?! what do u mean how many?
boyinbed: well u said u r not alone?
monsoux: uh
monsoux: how many we r
monsoux: ...
boyinbed: yesss
monsoux: me, my bf and two more boys, hetero
boyinbed: lol
boyinbed: yeah right, hetero with u?
boyinbed: I am green if they are hetero

Believe it or not, wine tasting has once again brought together straight and gay alike to peaceful coexistence. Drinking sees no gender, nor sexual boundaries. And, by the way, everybody else apart from me was at work. Come to think about it, would I want a job like this?

Yesterday's afternoon was dedicated to re-arranging the closed. When I was of it, literally this time, the winter clothes were top shelves towards the back while the summer items were hand level and to the front. I imagine I will have to re-do it this fall. For such a horrendous task I needed two beers, graciously left by Stingo the other night. Oh, by the way his envy, the air conditioning broke... For that I am really sad. Have you noticed how these things spoil your mood and have a tendency of happening when there is nothing in the world you can do to fix the situation?

And now to end in a positive pitched note... I cannot think of anything. I have to review some 100 pages and prepare an un-related presentation. I am meeting the Wall Street Journal tomorrow. And the Military Academy. Not at the same time.

I am all over the place, and that is not necessarily a good thing. Good news would be good now. Posted by Picasa

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