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Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Catapic!

I know you google me everyday, so here :) I even have a real present for you.

(If one day you are not able to read my posts, it will be because I have slipped on a wet tile in the bathroom and they have not managed to paste my neck.) Posted by Picasa


pichi said...

google my arse!
I so hate all of you intellectuals

pichi said...

and I don't like your present!!!!
I demand that Male Nude book from the previous post instead

monsoux said...

lol. You remind me of the crancky little pig (porcursorul nevricos) from the jokes of yore. Nobody buys you faux cranckyness. And you didn't even get your present, so how can you tell?

pichi said...

I'm not cranky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm cruel. No longer to be kind.
And let's not talk about faux.

bubu said...

we absolutely love pichi. he's GBB. hope he kept the Stoli bottle that brought for him on his birthday (that I forgot about). monsoux should be loved ofcourse. itz just hard to do it.
happy birthday everyone huh