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Friday, July 14, 2006


The fucker is an f-word.

In real life, it can be a person as well.

If you want to point the relation of this person with your particular situation, then it is then "a mothafucker".

disproportions are usually pointed out like in "the little fucker".

In this particular case the little mothafucker was a piece from a metal pipe, with two pointy fangs that wanted a bite of my tire.

I am very sour. On the bright side, my personal best time is improving, ten minutes! Twenty including the shower. I am talking changing tires. Then I took Vava to the airport. Where we had the most expensive sandwiches. And then I took the rest of the day off and I also wanted to take Nicole to the movies, but I ended taking a long sleeve blue t-shirt. I liked today. Apart from the mothafucker, but I picked him yesterday. Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

bubu said...

devii foarte conceptual si ma sperii. nu mai inteleg nimic. cat despre tricoul cel nou, sincer mi-e frica. :)