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Monday, July 24, 2006

Stay away from ...ed

Zed and Ted

Zed is British and has his name tattooed on his back. So that you don't forget it when you're having wild anal sex? Well, "Zed's dead", said Tarantino. And I pretty much agree, Zed is a ghost from my previous life. I will remember him for the things I did not understand. It was somehow funny to hear him say I looked like Justin, which I so didn't and don't.

Which brings us to Ted. Ted is a one package deal with Ian. Not sure of the spelling, but that can always be corrected. Ted has a gorgeous magic smile that puts a spell on me, he is tall and lean, the dream of any man. Strike that. The dream of ...erm, me. Ted also has an apprehension to doing things incomprehensible to me. That is part of what makes him attractive to me, probably. So he reminds me of Zed. They are both British, handsome, manly and incomprehensible. And nothing happened with either of them, because I know that much to stay away from what I don't understand.

But I danced so nicely.

In our next episode I might tell you about the most reassuring smile, part satisfied, part smug, of the Man-on-the-pillow. Oh, down the Memory Lane!

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