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Saturday, July 29, 2006

What's up

On Friday I was mainly getting ready for the damn conference. By the end of the day I took the documents for the report "home" thinking I will be able to attend to its finalization sometime during the weekend. In retrospect, it doesn't look that feasible.

Thursday they finally sent someone to fix the AC, only it didn't happen. As I was getting out of the elevator to let the guy in, general power failure. He came back first thing on Friday morning to find out they need to send another (!) guy with an open flame, a welder, to fix a cracked metal pipe which was letting the Freon out. :((((( Now it seems to me I will never see the end of it.

Friday to Saturday I was canned inside the sleeping carriage to Timisoara, like a herring in its own sauce. Woke up in the middle of the night to review my arguments for a discussion I plan with my boss. Slept on and off until the destination, where I have slept for about ten more minutes until the conductor decided it was time to kick me off. The on and off sleeping made me somehow cranky for the rest of the day, especially with Mom, who is super-taken with me being "home". And thus a little bit too hectic and energetic.

I have just discovered my folks sleep on a mattress the consistency of a wooden floor, because "It's good for our backs". Also, I am surprised to learn my mum has been scammed in the street by an illegal vendor. My Mom doesn't take shit from anyone, you should know. Nevertheless, she bought a point and shoot film camera. She thought it was a state of the art digital fallen from a truck (aren't we all in for a good deal?). For the amazing price of 100 RON?! My father is making fun of her to this day, more precisely he brought the subject up during breakfast.

The dogs are so sweet. Mica is 42 in human years, but she rolls on the floor every time she sees me after such a long break. Amis is ready to be petted, but she clearly misses my brother and his wife. She tolerates the situation. During lunch I have sensed the competition, like we don't have enough for all parties concerned. OMG :)

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