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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

DD (dentist day)

If there were a picture with the post today I would have to find some sad mad face.

Been to the dentist. Yesterday it was a no-no because they were going through an instant power shortage at the time of my appointment so I had to reschedule for today.

Getting there was like swimming through an ocean of heat. Piata Romana at noon equals hell. I don't think I liked somebody, the heat filling me with resentment.

Now, talking about fillings, at the dentist I got my professional teeth brushing, complimented for my beautiful teeth, twice, by two different professionals, and then inspected for cavities, only one found. My dentist is an angel, she explains every little detail. I even manage to unwind on the chair! I know very few people who can say the same about their dentists. Two years ago when I last visited, I was laying back in the chair looking at my dentist and her assistant picturing them like guardian angels as they were attending to my (bad) mouth. I could see details of their work in the reflecting surfaces up close: their eyes, protective glasses, dental equipment. Fascinating experience. Only to find out now that being short sighted I am no longer able to enjoy the same. So I looked in the distance.

Bref, we performed a momentary operation of my gum. She cut off a little piece I was chewing, thus revealing my latest molar in its full splendour.

Hours later, the elation of anesthetic wore off. That found me swamped under the job, all bitter and bitchy. Now it feels like a major sour throat, only it is not. I hope it goes away really soon. I dislike being moody and snappy.

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