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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

When the things are hitting the fan

What you see is the documentary proof you can create your little iceberg in your (read "my") home freezer. The photo is old by now, measures have been taken, the 3 kilos of ice are presently down the sh!t hole.

Other signs of a crisis, one should be able to identify at once:

- when you cannot find a clean cup for your morning coffee, although you own more than 30 different cups, all on location.

- when the soles of your shoes release from the floor tiles with a suction noise. In this case you have to check first for unlikely cupping glass or suckers.

- when you find one of those little things you put into the electric anti-mosquito plugs. Used and now inside your fridge.

Ain't life strange? Somebody get the cleanerPosted by Picasa


Romerican said...

Okay, your fridge bulb now requires photographic evidence... that's a hoot!

monsoux said...

What is a hoot? The fridge? My (lack of) hygiene?

Romerican said...

That you have a bug zapper in the fridge! I wanna see a pic of that particular insanity... =]

monsoux said...

It's not a bug zapper. Just the little tablet that goes into the bug zapper. And I didn't intend for it to be there in the first place, but you know those things! With a will of their own, they can end virtually anywhere :)