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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Perfect sense

I sometimes wish my posts would write all by themselves. You would then learn about my colleague from Geneva who pops in the office during his holidays at home, prying his nose into all our computers, even as we are there, his yellow teeth making him creepier. So we talk about him when he is gone. Gone like the day, without any major professional accomplishment. You would know I have been seriously procrastinating and you would know I would pay the price. You would know I was enjoying my friends' company and fighting over a stupid stubbornness at the same time. You would know like I do what I had heard repeatedly from all the tables in the vicinity, whispered into mobiles: "I am in a garden and it's so beautiful!". Isn't it amazing how even complete strangers can agree on something? You would know I have had to explain the route myself or hear it being explained two or three times. Each time the person called again for more details, once a part of the road was covered. And finally you would know I am doing something I thought I would never do: carefully reading a particular women's magazine. Character by character. Posted by Picasa


The chief of all procrastinators said...

"Tabu", by any chance? =]

Anonymous said...

so what's up with the chocolaty-yellowy something in the photo?

monsoux said...

Chief, neah, not Tabu. It's reading for a living.

Anonymous, nothing's up, that is usually the point here. Welcome to the guessing session, no prize awarded.

Anonymous said...

and, after you see the soldiers, turn right...ok, I guess I had to call and ask

monsoux said...

A question in its own time is better then all the mistakes and regrets.