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Monday, August 28, 2006

Cafe del Mar Monday

This is one of the presents T brought with him from Brussels.

I have slept like a sack of potatoes during the night and I have finally waken up too late. Choosing between the coffee and the exercise routine was a no brainer.

Checked the text messages. "Walk in the park" and "Still nothing. I think he doesn't like me". Well, you know who you are, maybe he is shy. This means a little bit more waiting, I hate that word, so you need to figure out a way to make him pop the question. The best strategy with men is to let them think they had the initiative.

The "Call Mihnea" reminder moved from the fridge on the kitchen table, because indeed I have called him. Like always, an odd conversation, like soup, if ever there was a conversation like soup.

No action plan, I need to move ahead jump start this week. Posted by Picasa

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Romerican said...

Dude, what a photo! Hahaha