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Friday, August 25, 2006

Red Riding Hood got laid. Fired or fucked? Fucked!

A lot of people called. stingo called worried about the "explosion". It's a metaphor, not necessarily a bad thing. An orgasm can be an explosion, for that matter, to give an example.

"za" Andressa called to ask me to the bloggers meeting. She was worried staying inside, not having tea, lemonade, beer or the like might cause me dehydration. I promised to consider and give a sign. I have indeed considered, but forgot to give a sign. I am sorry. I guess getting laid must be my best excuse. Next time, maybe?

Some big shot editor called me and offered a job. It is so different from what I am currently doing that I am tempted to try it as my second job, if they will have that.

The Times called. I am afraid I kinda blew this up. We'll see.

Big discussion with my boss, on the pipes, I am just waiting a little bit to be out of the bushes with the audit. So far so good, with my part.

Like yesterday, a bit of playing with words today.

"The embrace of the devil, both tender and dangerous, when your skin goes numb with pleasure and your breathe freezes knowing you should not anger, nor play with the devil. Anger and deceit, because the devil has a way with words and playing the messenger. Being told that you have baby hair, when in fact you consider yourself almost bald. Being told that behind your few words there is a wealth of worlds colliding. This must be the true story. But most of the times it isn't." Posted by Picasa

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