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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lovely autumn like afternoon

Andressa decided I should avoid dehydration. Subsequently, we went out for tea. With Stingo. At "La metoc".

"This is a bloggers' meeting" "No, it's not! I wouldn't know, I don't go to such things" "Face it, you're in denial!" Then I decided to make little portraits of my company. Andressa

The rockstars get all the ladles. Stingo

"This is silly", said T, later as we were watching the pics. What can I say? I am gay and self-absorbed?

Then, another series. This is me, I liked the teashake I finished it at once. Bottom's up! (I am so expecting comments from pervs)

This is Andressa. She also smokes. Thin ones. She is going to quit.

This is Stingo. He doesn't smoke. Anymore. He wanted coffee. Because it was a tea place, we had to call it a day. But the night is still young, isn't it?

Recap: tea at "La metoc".

And this is on my way back. I was not expecting this. When I got home, everybody was already online: Andressa happy "her"/"the" man is online, Stingo sleepy and coffee deprived. I suggested a blogging contest. Who's gonna blog first? We're getting out too. Posted by Picasa


andressa said...

"Andressa happy "her"/"the" man is online" - I'm never telling you anything again!!! :))

monsoux said...

Common, it's not like I gave away anything. It's been fun, thanks.

Romerican said...

I am gay and self-absorbed?

LOL (if that's not too garish)

monsoux said...

Two words: orange Pumas. How many other things more garish than that can you name?