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Friday, September 29, 2006

Between a trap and a moral dilemma

Violent language and revenge. This is what I have received in the mail. Someone I have met is threatening to do something bad to someone I know and suggests I could let the person know. I am trying to be Zen about it and I am not going to do warn the third party. It's probably just part of the plan to build some extra tension, and since there is no concrete mention of anything there is hardly anything anyone can do to prevent "anything". So my reply was "Stop being childish, leave me out of this, I am sure you will do it yourself". Am I doing the right thing? What do you think?


Rainforest said...

I think the best policy is not to negociate with terrorists. This pisses them off a lot. You are doing the right thing.

monsoux said...

Nevertheless, a terrorist does what a terrorist has to do. Both the terrorist and the target wanted me to convey the message, which I finally did. The matter remais as undefined as it has always been.

andix said...

the must-have items:
a) bulletproof vest & kevlar hat
b) ballistic googles
c) empty gun holster
d) cellphone (motorola MicroTac would do)
e) pack of gauze & band-aids
f) badge

I'm not a complete paranoid. some parts are still missing.