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Friday, September 29, 2006


I have inteviewed Medeea Marinescu and shook hands with Cecilia Barbora. Spoken with people in Washington and London.
I have been invited and I have attended the Romanian premiere of "A fost sau n-a fost", where I have heard one of the most beautiful and funny introductions. Delivered on stage by Lucian Pintilie, who said "Cornel (Porumboiu) ballances between Cehov and Beckett". I have shared the room with Luminitza Gheorghiu, Andrei Plesu, Mihai Tatulici and Tudor Chirila, and chit-chatted Irina Margareta Nistor (again!). Coca Bloos passed by me, turned to me, recognized me, smiled to me and said "Good evening". Prior to that I saw a man in a red-white-blue training outfit talking outloud to himself, like people would when they are on handsfree. Only he wasn't. He was making fun of a guy with a phrancophone id to his neck, saying "he has the collors of the netherlands around his neck, I wonder why", which I though was both odd and funny. I saw the security team accompanying the Stradivarius. (Get it? accompanying...) and I had a secret tete-a-tete with Vava.

Some days have the consistency of years.


Musculin said...

Were they cute? I mean Luminita Gheorghiu, Andrei Plesu, Mihai Tatulici, Tudor Chirila, Coca Bloos and especially Irina Margareta "the Voice" Nistor (not the Stradivari bodyguards, obviously).

Où sont les neiges d'antan avec Irina Margareta Nistor...?

monsoux said...

Chirila lived up to his somewhat of prick fame. Tatulici was dead serios. The others were cute, especially Bloos, she is a lady. Irina Margarina, as Carcotasii say, is indeed the voice. You might hate her, you might love her, but she is bound to make an impression. She did not have an invitation, hence no researved seat, to my surprise...