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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cool label

So where have my Energy jeans been today? Mingling with five hundred a piece suits. They were pretty amazed, but also relaxed, stuffing them bottom cheeks with shrimp, spinach amuse-bouche and really small mici. Been saying all the wrong things, I mean, no blunder, but no diplomatic talk either. Chit chat. My Energy jeans were the king of chit chat. Those who master the chit chat shall inherit the world, I say! And then, all of the sudden, my jeans got tired and let themselves out when nobody seemed to be paying attention. They have sent an sms on their way out. It read "So i left". My jeans returned to normal, no movie tonight, they just laid there in the car, laid back, listening to Cafe del Mar for an hour or so before actually moving their ass to the supermarket. My jeans are a bit under the weather. Energy drained.

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