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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful"

The rather ugly and boring reason I have been away last week is here.


stingo said...

Don't hate me, you mean.

monsoux said...

Sure thing, I don't know what I was thinking. I "eat" words.

Musculin said...

OK, I got it, you're beautiful, I knew it already and I don't hate you for it.

Who's ugly and boring then?

monsoux said...

Well, not you, that's a fact. And I am just being pretty, see the top left of this page.

monsoux said...

In case my audience cannot make the meaning of this, let me just add that some get to see Ibiza, and some Chisinau. Or as a friend of mine puts it "unii la Turnu' Eiffel, altii la Turnu Severin".

Musculin said...

Did you just call me beautiful and fun? If yes, I gracefully accept your compliment *blush*

But why would Chisinau be ugly and boring? I've never been there, but from the photos you posted on your blog, it comes out as a nice and quiet town anywhere in Romania.

By the way, some go to Sint-Maarten and others to Sanmartinu de Campie (Mures county).

monsoux said...

I did, didn't I? Some went to Sint Maarten as they did to Chisinau. Work related! It's been three hours in the Atlantic, not two weeks. I say that for those who have been to Ibiza ;;) As for Chisinau I am tempted to dedicate it a full post.