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Monday, September 25, 2006

My let's say new haircut and other ramblings

This is it, only shorter. To the skin. Did it myself, the world should know. People with a degree in psychology should offer some explanation, please. None will apply 100% to my particular case.

When can you tell for sure it's about you? Never, most of the times it is just your paranoia. I dedicate this line to those people whose favourite phrase is, lately, "Write it on your blog!” Now I did.

Feelings and body parts, a couple of examples... Anxiety, it's in the stomach. A rush to the head, you can find it in your heart. When I like to beat up someone, my lips go numb. And love? I forgot, so it must be in the brains.


Romerican said...

But is it even?

I've tried this before and failed. Had to call for outside help to rectify my "almost got it."

monsoux said...

It's even. One has to have a method. And practise.