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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oh, brother, where art thou

Cleo Stratan is playing "Ghitza" in my brains. It's that bad!


Rainforest said...

Oh no! We need to put you on some sort of emergency treatment!

And yes, I feel better. I'm reorganizing my life.

stingo said...

The damn kid is everywhere. Sometimes, she's in my brains, too.

I mean, "Te-astept diseara la portita langa portita de la scoala." What the fuck, man?!

Musculin said...

Seems like it's worse than anyone thought!

Damn, these girls in the show-biz are getting younger every day!

A propos de la francophonie, does anyone know what happened to Jordy "j'ai quatre ans, je suis petit"?

monsoux said...

Dear All,

The little one is pure genius. Oh, strike that. I meant fun. Pure fun. I am lol-ing and rofl-ing when we get to the "I am waiting for you next to the little gate, but don't you come, as you usually do, empty handed."

The song is not on continuous repeat, but I have played it ten times on row.

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