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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Five things that don't make me into a better person

Not having an ipod that works
Not knowing where I stand with my money
Too many tasks on too many projects
Pending discussion with the boss
Large brown bruises I can't remember getting

Not on the list, but not the other list either: interesting non-concrete proposals floating around me. Maybe I tell you when I land them.


Anonymous said...

poor poor pooty tat... call me

R! said...

1. Definitely a downer.
2. Possibly good?
3. Typical, but fixable.
4. Probably good!
5. T, you bastard.

monsoux said...

Anonymous, you forgot to leave your number. Should I dial Looney Tunes?

R!, while 2 is probably not good - I have spend in London in four days what I earn in Romania in a month - number 4 has to do with number 2. So I can only hope you are right about number two?

Anonymous said...

tiny, cute and you forgot to call back... rings a bell or still need a number?