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Thursday, November 09, 2006

My non-adventures in Guyana

"And how do you find the country?", asked the former Minister, with her eyes of a matriarch.
"It's not as bad as I expected", I blundered.
"You thought we have just descended from the tree?", she asked almost amused.
I try mending with a smile. Everything is so far out I cannot be sure. It's almost worked. "I come from a developing country, you know, I try not to be prejudiced. People assume that about us too". I didn't explain I am afraid of the jungle, snakes and spiders. She must have known I was affected by heat, humidity, slow pace and nepotism. I did get to add that the colours were amazing and the meeting was saved.

The Sunday before it was races day at the Georgetown airport. It happens three times a year. Sonia called this "The Big Confusion".


stingo said...

You know, I thought Guyana was in Africa. Until, puzzled by the photos, I wikied "Guyana"... Shame on me.

That said, where's my elephant?

Anonymous said...

Your blunder was almost a compliment.

A guy told me once the same thing - he meant it as a compliment, while I took it as a proof of a bad reputation.

I never thought I had a reputation.

monsoux said...

One elephant coming right up and a bad reputation is easier to maintain. Next?

R! said...

Heh, you know I would have played a card in the game!

"And how do you find the country?"

"What, me?! I'm from Romania..."

Receive the shower of ignorant sympathy.

monsoux said...

Which reminds me of the conversation I had with the only gay I have seen in Guyana, the hotel waiter, but more about that soon. Keep close.