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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I have been... booked? (!)

Time is running out, like always. One only has 24 hours to do with.


Read all about the rules here - sorry no time to translate them in English :(

I have been ... erm booked (!) by Robert aka Adevaratul Mitzi, one of the most fascinating (and somehow nevrotic, but that's good) people I know, also crusader of bags, king of style, and a psychologist. So you can track it back, guys.

My nominations are Lulutza, the storyteller trapped inside the body of doctor, hopefully soon to get inside people's heads, if you know what I mean, Mazilique, journalist socialite and 007-reloaded fan (should I go, would you like to watch the movie one more time? I haven't seen it yet) because people that are into good music must be into good books too, and favourite personal director (huh), Mitzi. It also feels right to link Adevaratul Mitzi to Mitzi, but that was just a side "attraction". Sorry, the show must go on. Mitzi, make some time, not excuses. We all have to direct, you know?

And the book is "In trei, un laborator sentimental" by Briant, Cretinon and Stoessel, Trei publishing house, Eroscop label, 142 well written and fairly well translated pages, reading time, in my case, slightly less than two hours. Because I have been hungry for this reading, because I have and I haven't been there and because I am all for fascinating experiences. Three artists, a man and two women, decide to live and love together does not give away the plot. Not for the prude at heart.

Now, if I were to cheat (OMG! I am!) I would have also mentioned "A Few More Minutes with Monica Vitti" by Anamaria Beligan, whom I find as brilliant as a writer as she is beautiful. And one small Penguin book I have lent a long time ago. It never made it back and I am no longer sure about the title, nor the name of the author. Gray somebody?... :( Well, one book was too little even for me whose reading is no longer what it used to be, sadly.

Anyway. Off to work.


Mazilique said...

I went to see the film for the second time, but I'm sure third time's the charm ;)
(baby, I think I've got an obsession :D)

stingo said...

I have been booked as well, thanks for reminding me.

Beautiful photo.

(And thanks for asking me are you OK by e-mail. You made me feel like a 9/11 survivor.)

monsoux said...

Mazi, I have an idea about how o celebrate 1 of December :)

Stingo, it was a matter of time before someone booked you ;)

Mazilique said...

How about wednesday? You know me, the journalist socialite - busy busy :)) It sounds so glamurous :P

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the nice words...and thanx for posting your answer. At the end of the week, Cristina will gather all the answers...:) fun. As for me, I am leaving tomorrow for 3 days of pleasure, eating and sleeping at Moieciu...serenity now!

monsoux said...

Mitzi, I hate you.
Mazi, do you have anything a larger party? ;) if not, Wednesday it is, later at night, details by email

Mazilique said...

How about check your mail?! :D

monsoux said...

did check the mail, nothing there. I guess I'll have to throw in a cake to get you out :)

Mazilique said...

I guess you will :D

Lasand acum engleza la o parte, gmailul si cealalta adresa a ta must really hate the new James Bond daca nu ai primit mailurile mele :-s

Mazilique said...

Am cumparat cartea pe care ai recomandat-o :)
Sa vedem...

monsoux said...

Great, but don't blame me :)