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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Miss Fuckingfits

Some people call back, so others don't.

It's a wonderful day outside and I feel somehow like a misfit. To top that, Mom called. Have I seen the news? No? Thought so. Well, she was worried. You know that guy, the Russian spy? They have just announced that people in London on 9 November might have been contaminated... Mom, I have just missed my chance to be part of international drama. Like we did not go through Cernobil, anyway. I tried to make fun of her reaction, but I don't think my message got through to her, though. Probably I've just managed to annoy her, because I am sort of close to home. But I am not up for yet another train ride.

The ipod is definitely not working anymore. Happy Sunday to all the misfits.

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