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Monday, November 20, 2006

Remember the races?

Things change in retrospective, brightness goes fade. I can only definitely remember the speaker pouring out decibels of "Gin, gin, gin, gin till I die" and my ears hurting from the Indian "manele". But the truth is they don't hurt anymore. Nor does the sun seem unbearable. I remember I lost count of the Caribs and Banks, but I am not numb anymore, in fact I am closer to a hangover today. I remember the feelings were intense. I remember.


Romerican said...

I like the action shots.

I can never figure out if you're working with a point & shoot, an SLR, or a killer mobile phone to take various photos. Maybe you have more than one camera and pick the appropriate tool for the job.

monsoux said...

It's a Sony. More precisely, an F 717, if you must know. Here is the review

There is no such thing as a killer mobile phone. One actually has to carry around and feed a little mosnter at all times. I am willing ro do that most times.

Romerican said...

Well, no arguing; you're armed with one of the top P&S machines out there. If a bit phallic in design...

monsoux said...

And indeed we get along very well.