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Sunday, December 03, 2006

...and rewind

I'd like to erase impressions, feelings, situations, moods, tasks, persons, oh, there are a few people I'd like to erase, how nice it would be if only one could. And dandruff, I'd erase dandruff.

(It was cold, it was a dying autumn in Prague that year. I was strolling frozen to the heart, cold fingers, like most of times, only that particular time I was being tortured by feelings for a jerk. A nice looking jerk. A jerk who knew how to be nice. But nevertheless a jerk. And I was cold, cold, cold, and listening to Erase and Rewind on repeat. Until my best friend made my day and picked me from the airport. He was such a clown, and still is. I can see him then, holding a sign with my name, just because he knew that would make me feel better. Then I laughed and we went to Spring Time)

LATER EDIT: the jerk is a jerk and he has never been my best friend. The jerk and the friend who called are two different persons.

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