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Saturday, December 02, 2006

And today's musings are

How do you know you have too many books close to enough books? When you back hurts. Reading them is an entirely different question.

I have slept like a tombstone.

I think it is more convenient to be undecided, everyone knows decisions can be tough to take, make and keep. I should be considered armed and dangerous.

I'm reigning over a sea of little things. Some exasperate me, some I cannot do without. Mostly, they own me. I have decided to throw away the rest and give a bath to the clothes. Blasphemy when I stepped on my current reading. Red alert, book on the floor in the doorway. Please send in the troops, the cleaning ladies squad to the rescue. Muscles I had no idea the human body actually posses now hurt like hell. And still the kitchen and bathroom are soon to be declared biohazardous war liabilities.

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