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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another ugly one, fowl language

Is it just the early morning and the perspective of the day at work or do I say, underline that, SAY, fuck a lot? This post contains foul, not fowl! language. Be warned!

Since it is between us (and) the chicks, let me revert with some more sex and the city.

Never fuck them right away or you'll be fucked. Fuck, don't be fucked. Fucking WITH them is allowed, hell it is encouraged, because it is preferable and less painful. Fucking with them should not be mistaken for fucking around. Fucking around is usually a series of one night stands, while fucking with them is a mental multiple one night stand. Even when you are fucking with them, be smart, use protection.

Now, I do think I have the perfect fowl picture for the perfect fowl post. And I suspect this post will bring me some major unwanted hits.

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