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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The ultimate brain cell collection presents:

Or the art of being with a real man and the rules of dating and understanding man. For dummies. From the pools of wisdom...

There are no intelligent men. Intelligent men should be into me. Hence the ultimate proof there are none. There is evidence of occasional witt, though.

Men don't forget, they don't care. If you care, too bad!

Men care when you forget.

More is less. Show them you like them and men are sure to run away. Men are like fluffy little animals, they rush away at any sudden move. Be calm, stay still, men don't like surprises.

Less is more. Always display moderate disponibility and keep a busy schedule. Whenever you can fit them in, also let them know you are doing them a favour. Men like favours. Men are also fighters, problem solvers and subsequently and inevitably problem creators. Respond to their nature, give them something to do, always keep men busy. There will be tones of calls, mountains of messages, queues of invitations.

Sometimes more is more. Men never call when they are supposed to. Maintain a reasonable margin of error. Think about what is reasonable for you, add a couple of extra days. Entertain guests, read good books, go to the movie, date. They call you when you are busy, so you must be busy at all times.

Part of successful dating, it is acceptable to come with crappy excuses. They must be only slightly believable. See rule number one.

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