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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blue again

Latest spam joke: from provides suffering (sic!), subject line is "Play and win". I guess there is no wining without suffering. Hey people, I have met the contrary. Nobody I care for...

Finally, due to the new Blogger, I am rid of such delightful word productions when I comment on my own posts: kttkc (miau!ish), rellqz (relax!), keokci (misspelled karaoke), eyurl (phantasy), rayicd (bug spray), eycskfu (I don't give a fuck!), jxelyum (some jelly), rgaaiomo (Japanese barfing), toifu (this one is sooo obvious), nfiarkuo (fearless), vvobabv (people whose name starts with v, when called "baby"), sleelvvyn (what, I only distantly know a Sylvain), uoeefott (foot desease, scratchy and difficult to get rid off). Feel free to add to the list. The game is still on for the rest of you.

Yes, this is one superficial note to mask the inner struggles I am having. As I have almost written on Tina's present card this Christmas: "Nice fits in 2007". I love double meanings.


R! said...

You caught me and I mumbled an explanation.

Hey! As long as the new Blogger prevented you from making the error of "Dear Fina, Nice..."

monsoux said...

R! Chimay you say? Then better be nice :)