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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Last kitchen action hero (featuring the pink panda family. No animal was hurt during the production of these pictures with my mobile phone)

ROFL-ing, talking about "ginger people", maybe even a "ginger portal".

The funniest conversation with T.
Him: "Wanna' see my photo in Omagiu?"
Me:"what Omagiu? The one issue were I am published?"
Change of face, drop of jaw.
Me: "Is your thing bigger? Let's see whose is bigger."
Open Omagiu.
Me: "Yeah, your thing is bigger"
Then, in realization: "But do you have your name published?"
His name is not published.

My American friends were rolling on the floor. With laughter. I was sitting on the edge of the kitchen sink, in retrospective it doesn't look like a bright idea, but at the time I think the wine also helped in making this kind of decision.

I have also made friends with their three year old. She is the most adorable little human. The plan was to soak her in detergent as she was sliding all over across the tiles in the kitchen and hallways, having the time of her life.


Robert said...

that is not funny :(

monsoux said...

As far as I remember all the people present were laughing. Besides, I have already had this conversation with Soldatelul, this is a subjective blog, with subjective comments. As far as I am concerned I am the only holder of the truth and I am not sharing it in writing. Now, as long as people realize the above, I expect people to be more understanding and less judgemental. I am not ruling out the possibility I might be wrong, either. Now, this already feels like a soul disclaimer...

Robert said...

Sorry, that was not meant like that, and I know that this is a subjective blog (that is why I am reading it) and my comment is as well subjective. Never meant to sound judgmental...

monsoux said...

Most of times I more OK with things. And I try to take them as they are. Part of my coping with them is to verbalize. It might sound like (my) denial, but it might sound like (others’) projection. I find sometimes people think I am more intense when I am verbalizing more intensely, which is not the case. Once the verbalizing has occurred, tension decreases for me, I let go. And I usually let go quickly. I am grumpy, but I cannot hold a grouch. I also don’t see debate as a confrontation, but as the means to clarify my ideas. Bottom line: I am OK (with you and comments included). I can only hope that everybody else is OK too, although I know that happens almost never.

stingo said...

I find it hilarious, if that's any consolation for you.

Also: I noticed that your blog is unique in that the comments section always makes for an interesting read as well. I find out more about you from this section than from the entries as such.

Also: word verification: zccwhlzx. I don't know what to make of it this time.